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Busting Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Many of us have unwanted hair on our bodies and have probably exhausted almost every hair removal method.

After years of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal and laser resurfacing have become one of the most popular beauty services in Montreal.

Laser hair removal may sound like a daunting option because of what you have heard or read about it from others, but today, we are going to debunk some of the myths about laser hair removal.

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal is Painful

You may have heard horror stories about the pain that laser hair removal inflicts, but technological advances and new practices have changed all of that.

Many practitioners offer topical numbing agents before the procedure if the patient wants to minimize what they will feel.

Dermamode, a laser hair removal expert in Montreal, uses GentleMax Pro laser technology paired with DCDTM to ensure that patients only feel a slight discomfort at most.

DCDTM, or the Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM, helps to quickly resolve any discomfort by applying cool air to the skin immediately following the laser.

Most laser hair removal patients describe the laser as “the snapping of a rubber band” on the skin. Do not let this scare you away, as the laser pulses come and go very quickly.

Remember, everyone’s skin and pain tolerance is different, so you cannot always trust what others say. The more laser hair removal treatments you do, the less the feeling will affect you.

Myth 2: One to Two Treatments is Enough

Laser hair removal treatments are usually sold in packages for a reason.

Hair follicles are not completely destroyed with one treatment but instead with multiple.

Your practitioner should set you up on a schedule for procedures, as hair grows in different cycles. Laser hair removal targets hairs that are grown out on your body but cannot do the same to hairs that have not yet sprouted.

There is an optimal time for each hair to be lasered and even then, it will take more than two sessions to see results.

There is no universal number of treatments that everyone needs because it depends on your hair and skin type, so consulting with your practitioner is a necessity.

Myth 3: Dark Skin Laser Hair Removal is Impossible

When laser hair removal began being practiced in the late 1990s, it was not the best treatment for all skin tones.

30 years later, technology has advanced to be able to give people of all skin tones, light or dark, the option to receive laser hair removal treatments.

Dermamode, an expert in dark skin laser hair removal in Montreal, requires a free consultation before any laser treatment.

During this consultation, their specialists take into account the patient’s skin color, skin type, hair color, and hair thickness.

The technology in their machines allows the specialist to adjust the strength of the laser for the most effective results on dark skin.

Dark skin laser hair removal may require more sessions than lighter skin, but your specialist will decide the best course of action for you.

You should speak with a specialist at whichever dark skin laser hair removal provider in Montreal you choose to ensure their treatments will work for your skin.

Myth 4: Treatment Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker

If you have heard this, you may have wondered: what is the point?

This myth may have spread because certain people notice regrowth in hair because of their hormones, but have attributed it to laser treatments.

The purpose of laser hair removal is to target and destroy follicles, and it is impossible for lasers to create new ones.

If regrowth does occur, the hair will be much thinner than before, and with more treatments, should disappear entirely.

No matter their age, every person’s body is constantly changing. This can include changes in the hair growth pattern, and laser hair removal patients may see hair growing in areas that have not yet been treated.

The shaving process, which should be done before treatment, can also affect the thickness of hair but is only temporary.

At the end of your treatment plan, you should experience smooth and hairless skin.

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal is Too Expensive

Laser hair removal should not be considered an expense but rather an investment.

Think about how much you have spent on hair removal over the years.

If you were to add up the cost of all of the razors and waxing appointments you have gone through, you would be surprised at the total cost. Picture this: $10 razors once a week plus $7 shaving cream and $25 razor bump lotion or $50 wax appointments once a month.

New hair removal products and services emerge every year, with each one getting more expensive. If you have decided to try any of the new trends, you know what I’m talking about.

Successfully completing a laser hair removal treatment plan will mean that you never have to shave or wax again.

You can throw out your razors, cancel your wax appointments, and enjoy the luxury of having smooth, hairless skin.

The Bottom Line

While speaking with others who have tried laser hair removal may sound like a good idea, their experiences will not be the same as yours.

We all have different pain tolerances as well as different hair and skin types, and a large part of our experience depends on the specialists we see and the technology they use.

It is absolutely necessary to have an in-person consultation with a specialist before your first treatment, as they need to see and feel what they are dealing with.

Visit your treatment center to see for yourself how knowledgeable the practitioners are, as well as how safe and sterile the environment is.

An added benefit of Dermamode is that their clinic has some of the most expertise on dark skin laser hair removal in Montreal. Dermamode specializes in many treatments other than laser hair removal and offers some of the best laser resurfacing treatments in Montreal.

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